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San Pedro Martir National Park

Cuatro Casas Hostel is located right next to the turn-off to San Pedro Martir National Park, one of the best-known Protected Areas in Baja. This park comprises 250 square miles of pine-oak forest with miles of hiking and biking trails, rare and unique wildlife, and Mexico's National Astronomical Observatory. The highest point in Baja California, called Picacho del Diablo looms at 10,157 ft. Several canyons also extend to the east, complete with cliffs and waterfalls. Indigenous petroglyphs and pictographs can also be found throughout these areas.

Hiking, climbing & bouldering, and mountain-biking are common activities within San Pedro Martir National Park. There are cabins for rent with beds and outside showers from the National Park administration, and camping is permitted in the park. One recommended area for camping is called Vallecitos, which is 24 km NW of the first park entrance, along the Observatory road.

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The wildlife in the park includes reintroduced California Condors as well as golden eagles, coyotes, fringed myoris bats, mule deer, and even bobcats and puma. Amid the surrounding chaparral and desert, San Pedro Martir National Park has been described as an island of coniferous vegetation, serving as a home to several endemic and endangered species. Some of the pine trees growing in this park are the tallest in the country, for example a 230-foot sugar pine.

The Park receives snow from November until April. Weather conditions can vary, so check with us before you head over. As always in wilderness areas, remember to carry plenty of water and a compass or GPS, and check in with the Park officials before heading off on a long hike.

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Boards and Bikes

We've long been known as a prime surf spot. Whether you're a pro surfer or just starting out, you should come check out the awesome break right in front of our hostel. Even if you'd just prefer lounging on the sand, this is the perfect place to be. We'll keep your belongings safe while you check out as many miles of wide beach as you wish, and your cozy bed will be waiting when you paddle in for the night.

Additionally, Cuatro Casas has its own custom-made "Showbowl" where you can show off your talent on a different kind of board! And if you'd rather spin your mountain bike wheels, we can point you off along one of the numerous trails that surround the hostel. Rentals are available.

Whale Watching

Gray Whales pass right by Cuatro Casas Hostel during their migration, the longest of any animal on Earth. Starting in late December, you can catch them both on their way South (December - January) in the winter and North in the spring (February - March). They come to the lagoons of Baja California each year to birth their calves in the warm Southern waters. Mothers with their new calves are often the last to leave in late March and early April.

Watch these awe-inspiring animals right from our deck as they breach and blow air and water up into the atmosphere in tall jets, or we can help you hire a boat to take you out to visit them up close. Experiencing these whales' passage through our waters is truly remarkable. Come see for yourself!

Events and Group Rates

We book many events each year, including surf events, skating events, and off-road motorcycling events. If you're looking to book an event, just let us know and we'll help arrange all the details.

Cuatro Casas Hostel can be rented out to groups. The upstairs portion of the Hostel can hold a maximum of 20 people and can be rented for $300 USD per night. The lower portion of the Hostel can be rented separately for $110 USD per night and holds a maximum of 7 people. Both units have their own bathrooms and kitchens.

Group meals can also be arranged for an additional price. Please fill out a bed request or sent us an email with the details of your group's requirements.


Fishing in the area from Punta Colonet (just North of us) to Isla San Martin (just South of us) has been described as fantastic, if not downright ludicrous. The many near-shore reefs are home to a great diversity of fish. We have contacts with local fisherman from here to San Quintin who can take you out to fish for yellowtail and white sea bass, ling and rock cod, and red snapper, just to name a few. You can also launch your own boat in nearby San Quintin, a friendly fishing village to the South of Cuatro Casas.

If you're coming down to fish, chat with us in advance so that we can set up the right arrangements for you! During lobster season, we regularly cook up fresh lobster and other seafood right here in the hostel. It's too good to pass up!


We have friends in many places! We can help you turn your Baja trip into a long and exciting adventure by connecting you up with a couple of our fellow Baja-connoisseurs.

The good people over at Baja Trek will take care of your transportation. They run their ecologically-friendly vehicles on organized trips of varying lengths and destinations, in addition to organizing charter treks and shuttles. Cuatro Casas Hostel is a regular stop on their itineraries. If you and your friends need a ride down from San Diego, if you want to

travel with a community of open-minded and environmentally/socially-responsible folk, or if you just want to kick back and let someone else do the planning, these are the guys to call! Check out their Trek Schedule to see what they're up to next.

Guadalupe Canyon Hot Springs is a beautiful palm oasis in the middle of the Northern Baja desert. Where we've got salt-water waves lapping at our toes, they've got naturally clear and hot springs gushing forth from between granite rocks. You can head there for a change of scenery on

your way back North. They offer camp sites, each with a private hot tub and shade structure, as well as a grill and picnic table. In your spare time, you can hike up to see petroglyphs left by indigenous tribes, or jump into several naturally-occuring cool pools nested between the canyon rocks. If you need a shuttle up there, just let us know!

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