Cuatro Casas Hostel has long been known as a perfect surf spot. We've been watching the long surf break right from our front door since 1980. Located about a day's drive down the coast from the border, Cuatro Casas Hostel is far enough away from the hubub of Tijuana and Ensenada to be tranquil and quiet, with nothing but the sound of the pounding waves to keep you company. This is the real Baja California. We're still easy to get to, though -- just a few miles off the main highway.

Book a bunk bed in one of our cozy dormitories, or else one of our private rooms. Either way, you'll benefit from a full view of the coastline. Besides the surf, you can just enjoy the beach, take off on one of our mountain biking trails, skate our boarding pool, or take a day trip to one of the small fishing towns or the National Park nearby.

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